Message from the New Principal:

From Little Rock Central High School (Tigers) to being named the new Principal of Daisy Bates

Elementary School (Tigers): It appears that Destiny is in Operation. 

Greetings! My name is Masako Christian and I am truly honored to be on this incredible journey with the students, staff, parents and community of this great school that embodies such a rich heritage and legacy. As a 26-year-veteran educator in PCSSD who holds credentials in Mass Communications, Literacy and Educational Leadership, I am excited to bring my love for children and my passion for learning to this community where I have unbreakable ties and unforgettable history. 

My fundamental belief is that GREATNESS lies within all of us; therefore, our top priority, at Daisy Bates Elementary, will always be to Elevate the Excellence and Greatness of every child who is entrusted to our care. Our mission is to continue to work diligently to put systems in place that will increase student achievement, close the disparity gap, encourage self-efficacy, build strong relationships and empower leaders who will positively impact cultures and communities throughout the world. 

We have been through some very challenging and unprecedented events recently; however, we are determined that we will continue to uplift and inspire all of our students as well as provide them with limitless opportunities to think critically, communicate effectively and work collaboratively in a safe and supportive learning environment. 

Thank you to the former administrators and amazing staff at Daisy Bates Elementary for welcoming me to the Pack in November, for having the Eye of the Tiger and Roaring with me in January and for believing and singing with me, right up to the end, that the Mission WAS and STILL IS Possible! Together, we WILL rise up, we WILL bounce back and we WILL soar to new heights at Daisy Bates Elementary School: Home of the Tigers where we Elevate the Excellence of All Students and Staff.

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